Updated Surf Bar PSC more Social

We updated all of the core PSC traffic exchanges Hitsafari, Realhitz4u and Soaring4Traffic’s surf bars. These new surf bars are easier to read and promote you in a whole new social way.

You might have noticed when surfing you will see the persons name, picture and connect with me social buttons whenever their website is shown. All of this is setup through your Power Surf Central site.

There are only a few simple steps you need to take in order to have this information show up when your pages are displayed to other members.

1. Make sure your ID NUMBER for each traffic exchange is entered under Setup PSC tab on the Power Surf Central site.

2. Click profile > edit profile and enter in any social networks you want others to see. If you don’t have that social network or don’t want it to show just leave the field blank.

That’s all there is to it.

In addition to being social, earning the daily, weekly, and monthly rewards of credits, banner, text impressions, and power points you now earn 10% bonus for surfing the 3 core exchanges at the same time. Upgraded earn an additional 10% making it a 20% bonus for each site viewed. See details here… PSC Surf Bonus Explained

Enjoy the new feature, we have more on the way to make PSC your number one traffic generation platform.

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